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Donald Campbell: Speed King

A documentary about Donald Campbell and his record breaking attempts as one of the last great British boffins. Back in the 1960’s he was a household name known as a daredevil, keen to defeat failure and keep Britain as a world leader in innovation and inspiration. Up until this documentary was[...]

In the Shadow of the Moon (preview)

History Presenter David Sington 2007

A documentary about the manned missions to the moon. In the Shadow of the Moon follows the story of these historic events, the likes of which have not been superseded to this date. In the early 1960’s president of The United States proposed that the goal of landing a man on the Moon and b[...]

Blink A Horizon Guide to the Senses

Hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste are all senses that we use to link us with the world which surrounds us. In this documentary Dr Kevin Fong takes us back through 40 years worth of BBC horizon footage to help us understand what science has allowed humans to learn about our tools[...]

Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur

Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur: Sir David Attenborough is 89 years old and still as fiercely passionate about nature as he ever was. This documentary is about the discovery of an absolutely massive dinosaur fossil in Argentina of possibly the largest animal to ever walk the Earth. Dav[...]

Lost Horizons The Big Bang

In this documentary Jim Al Khalili takes us back through 50 years of BBC archive footage to document the history of two competing theories for the beginning of the Universe. However only one of the theories said that the universe “started”; the big bang theory, the name of[...]

War in the Falklands

War in the Falklands: A documentary about the British recapture of the Falklands Islands, also known as the Falklands war which was fought between Britain and Argentina in 1982. This film follows significant events leading up to the conflict including America's involvement which was controversia[...]

The Joy of Logic

In this documentary we take a step into the world of logic with computer scientist Dave Cliff. To explain how logic has enriched all of our lives we explore philosophy, maths, science and technology all of which at their core are defined by logic. An example used by Dave Cliff is the program th[...]

The Lives of Stars

Science Presenter Carl Sagan 1980

Episode 9 of Carl Sagans legendary series takes us into to the world of the giants, the light sources of our universe, and the varying types of stars we see throughout the cosmos. From blue giants, far larger than own sun to white dwarves which can be smaller than Earth. We look at how our live[...]

Trinity and Beyond

Trinity and beyond takes us on one of the most possibly folish endevours that humanity has ever encountered. In this documentary we see the preparations for the Trinity event through to the first thermonuclear detonation within which the first fusion reaction that took place using a fission det[...]

The Backbone of Night

Science Presenter Carl Sagan 1980

In the 7th Episode of the iconic Cosmos series, Dr Sagan returns to the classroom in his childhood town of Brooklyn, New York to help inspire the latest generation of children. This leads to some of the different mythologies surrounding stars and how their true form compares to that of myth and[...]

The Next Mega Quake

Back in 2004 we were all shocked by one of the most massive natural disasters of all time which claimed the lives of thousands of people. The 2004 Boxing day earthquake devastated much of Indonesia and was the most powerful of its kind, known as a mega thrust earthquake. Scientists are not q[...]

Star on Earth

The stats of our own sun at the center of the solar system are simply astonishing. You could fit a million Earths inside of it. It contains 99.86% of the entire mass of the solar system which means it has a mass of around 330,000 times that of earth. Earth seems massive from our perspectiv[...]

What on Earth is Wrong with Gravity?

From the swamps of Louisiana to the deserts of Arizona Brian Cox is looking for what the big problem with Gravity is. What is that problem? Well none of it really makes any sense in the grand scheme of things. Sure for the solar system it would seem that gravity is one of the major reasons why all o[...]

World War II in Colour: Britain at Bay

How Britain defended itself against the might of the NAZI regime. It was assumed that sooner or later Britain would surrender to Germany primarily because of the attacks led by the head of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Göring. In 1940 the Luftwaffe had a massive air superiority over the British. On Au[...]

The Power Of The Placebo

There are pills which do not have any active ingredients in them which are described as placebo medication. In this documentary we explore the ideas behind the placebo effects which are known to completely cure patients of their problems despite the fact that they are not physically doing anything.[...]

A Life on Screen: Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry is a true national treasure. His talent knows no bounds thanks to his intelligence, whitt and acting prowess. In this documentary we look at a true legand of British television who celebrates 10 years of hosting the BAFTAs. From his breakthrough on television with his othe[...]

The Elegant Universe: Welcome to the 11th Dimension

Science Presenter Brian Greene 2003

This documentary takes us into the world of the 11th dimension as described by string theory. String theory says that there are 9 physical dimensions in space and 1 in time. As we know we only experience 3 of these dimensions with the other 6 being curled up into a microscopic state.  [...]

Zeitgeist: Addendum

Zeitgeist: Addendum, a 2008 documentary by filmmaker Peter Joseph examining examples of economic subjugation and the need to change socioeconomic paradigms.   The documentary attempts to uncover the root causes of social corruption around the world. The idea of social corruption is often[...]