Working with Weinstein - documentary

Working with Weinstein
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Harvey Weinstein is a now a figure who doesn't need an introduction after dozens of women spoke out accusing him of sexual harassment, rape and assault.

The 2018 Working with Weinstein documentary by Channel 4 takes us back to a simple question... Why didn't any of his victims speak out to the police? According to some allegations, Weinstein was having "non-consensual" sex with women dating back to the 1980's. Actress Rose McGowan famously published that she had been raped by the media cocksman and that her previous allegation to Amazon Studio chief Roy Price was swept under the rug. How did he keep his accusers quiet for decades?


This documentary puts together what happened during that volcanic year for Hollywood and attempts to distinguish some solid answers.


Working with Weinstein aires on Channel 4 on Tuesday 20th February at 10 pm GMT.

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