What We Still Dont Know: Are We Real? - documentary

What We Still Dont Know: Are We Real?
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What we still do not know about the universe: Are we real? documentary. Despite all we know about the cosmos for the most part it still remains a mystery at the most fundamental level, one of the best examples of this is with dark matter as it consists of mostly “everything” yet nobody on the planet seems to know anything about its properties. The world we live in still remains a huge mystery which we are slowly, step by step making sense of. In this documentary Sir Martin examines just what things we don't know about the universe from the why? question to debating whether aliens are really out there to asking what the nature of reality is. 


Paradoxically it seems that with every answer comes a new question, even more complex that the last. It is almost like the universe is creating an ever-evolving puzzle for which humans by nature must solve even though it takes years of effort and some stabbing in the dark, more often than not revealing a dead-end. There is no doubt humans are discovering more of what we do not know faster than ever before as we see in this documentary which is the first in the series and looks specifically at the puzzling question: Are we real?

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Martin Rees
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