What The Bleep Do We Know - documentary

What The Bleep Do We Know
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What The Bleep Do We Know is a 2004 documentary film by William Arntz which presents a different view of the universe than the one we usually recognize.


In a traditional sense, we look at the universe based purely on what we can see with our eyes. If you except that is all reality consists of then you would be missing out the other 98% which documentaries such as the 2008 "The Universe: Dark Matter" by the BBC examined showing how dark matter is really there through gravitational lensing. Dark matter proved for a fact that we still know very little about the universe as most of it we still can not even observe directly.


This is one of a number of subjects which are discussed in the "What the #$*! Do We Know!?" documentary film. Also explored are the ideas behind spirituality, quantum mechanics, neuroscience and how the universe is constructed through thoughts and not matter.


What The Bleep Do We Known has been called Pseudoscience by a number of scientists. You will have to make that judgement for yourself, however, this cannot be wholly encompassing of the film since quantum mechanics is already proving things are possible beyond our wildest imaginations, even contradicting Eienstiens wisdom.


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