True Crime: The Black Dahlia mystery - documentary

True Crime: The Black Dahlia mystery
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The Black Dahlia, a documentary about the much publicised death of 22 year old Elizabeth Short in 1947. The name “Black Dahlia” was given to her by the newspapers which at the time used popular film noir titles to describe real life events; it is believed that the name came from the murder mystery movie The Blue Dahlia which was released the previous year however this cannot be proven. On the morning of January 15th 1947 the body of Elizabeth Short was discovered on South Norton Avenue, Leimert Park Los Angeles by a local resident who immediately called the police.


The reason behind the notoriety of the murder of Elizabeth Short is because of the brutality of the crime, the likes of which have not been seen to this day as we see in this documentary. The Black Dahlia documentary presented by Bill Curtis and produced by the TV show True Crime in the United States presents the full story of the crime by building up the backdrop behind the incident in an attempt to show the audience what really happened. Of course nobody actually knows who Killed Elizabeth Short since the case has been left unsolved for more than 69 years however this 2006 documentary like many books and TV shows before attempts to reveal what might be the truth. With the case being so old we can be left in little doubt that the culprit will never be delivered justice and the mystery will continue to be infamous.


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