Triumph Des Willens (Triumph of the Will) - documentary

Triumph Des Willens (Triumph of the Will)
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Triumph Des Willens (Triumph of the Will) is the infamous 1935 propaganda film approved by Hilter to show the might of the Nazi party.


The film was shot by German actress and documentary filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl and depicts a National socialist rally in the city of Nuremberg over the course of several days. Through different stages, we see much of what pre-world war 2 Germany was like from the perspective Hilter would have liked us have seen it.


There a number of speeches to crowds of thousands of people, many shots of Hilter parading around the city, the Hilter Youth and shots of the S.S and S.A. With this being a Nazi propaganda documentary much of the screen time is taken up by Hilter, however, Triumph of the Will also features a number of high-ranking Nazi officials including Martin Bormann, Joseph Goebbels, Rudolf Hess, Reinhard Heydrich, Hermann Göring and Heinrich Himmler. Though some of these figures are only captured in certain wide-angle shots and do not actually speak in the documentary.


And no, this site is not trying to promote the Nazi ideology in a positive light in any way shape or form. This is an important documentary from a historical perspective for educational reference.

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