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Traders: Millions By The Minute
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Traders: Millions By The Minute: A two-part documentary which goes deep inside the world of those who play the markets in some of the biggest financial centres on the planet including London, New York and Chicago. Anybody expecting to be introduced to characters resembling Leonardi Di Caprio’s character in the Wolf of Wall Street movie will be sorely disappointing, trading has changed remarkably in recent years with 90% of transactions being electronic and algorithm based.


In the two episodes we meet a New York-based hedge fund manager who takes a long-term view, traders in Amsterdam who use algorithm-based trading techniques, a day trader who makes thousands in one minute and lose it all in the next, and in the second episode a group of home-based British traders who are trading as a syndicate in an attempt to bolster their pensions. It all makes for an interesting look at the modern state of trading and shows how quickly things have moved on in less than a decade since Floored (2009) was filmed.

Saskia Reeves
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