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Through the Wormhole
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Through the Wormhole season one, a landmark 6-part science documentary hosted by actor Morgan Freeman, who of course needs no introduction. The film is split into six sections that cover fundamental questions any curious mind would have about the universe and the nature of reality:


Is There A Creator? - The first section starts with a question that has been on the mind of man since the very beginning. Starting with such a fundamental question give you a flavour for the breadth of knowledge to be discussed in future episodes.


What Happened Before the Beginning? - This documentary asks the question, which we have all thought about before: What happened before the big bang?


Are We Alone? - We know with almost certainty that aliens are out there in the universe, but why have we not found them yet? Scientists are hoping to change this equilibrium and make contact, a mission that will change our view of the universe like never before. In the documentary Through The Wormhole: Are We Alone? Morgan Freeman explores this subject in detail.


The above are just some of the subjects covered in Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman season 1.


PS. In part 8 Morgan sounds like Darth Vader, I can only imagine this is some kind of glitch with youtube.

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