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This Sceptic Isle
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Journalist and author for the Mail on Sunday Peter Hitchins examins the involvement of the United Kingdom with the European Union in "This Sceptic Isle".


When this documentary was made back in 2005 the UK was still handing much of its sovereign power to the "superstate". Peter, who has always been sceptical of this shift in power presents an objective and historical view of how the story unravelled over the years starting back in the early 1970's. In the documentary, we see how the Conservative and Labour political parties have shifted their stance on the union in order to win the popular vote time and time again. In the beginning, the Labour party were vehemently against joining but as the Conservative leader Marget Thatcher began to realise that you could not have a conservative party that was truly "conservative" while being a member of the EU, Labour became huge proponents of it. Of course, they gained a lot of funding from millionaires and had European legislation tweaked in their favour behind closed doors in order to help them out.


This Sceptic Isle provides a clear view of what the United Kingdom signed up for and what the intention of the EU was from the very beginning, something that voters have been confused about for decades. In fact, the plan to create one superstate with one army and currency is on paper in plain English in a lockup somewhere, though the water has always been muddied by Europhiles because they knew it would never get the popular vote if the plan was put forward in layman's terms.


What This Sceptic Isle ultimately reveals is there is no serious party in the UK with conservative values, just one that has borrowed its name.

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