This Is the Zodiac Speaking

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About the This Is the Zodiac Speaking documentary

Presenter David Prior Category Crime Year 2007 Watch time 01:41:09

This Is the Zodiac Speaking documentary. A film covering the story of “the Zodiac” who was a serial killer who murdered victims in Northern California during the 1960’s and early 1970’s, more specifically between December 1969 and October 1969. Three women and four men aged 16-29 were killed during this period which led to a nationwide man-hunt but it was the taunting letters sent to the police in cryptographic form which was what made the Zodiac truly famous. Four cryptographic messages were sent to the police and only one has ever been solved. The killer was never caught and since then the San Francisco police department marked the case as “inactive” as of April 2004. This documentary covers much of what is know about the case including interviews with the original investigators and surviving victims.



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