The Yes Men - documentary

The Yes Men
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The Yes Men, a 2003 activism documentary about Jacques Servin and Igor Vamos who are a light-hearted duo promoting change for political and social issues which are important to them.


Jacques and Igor set-up fake websites on which they proport to be officials from mega-corporations. Once the site has been created and information about their intentions has been put on, they get it indexed on Google, watch and wait for requests to come in for them to speak at conferences with potential investors.

Yes these men are very successful at getting themselves into a position where they can make a huge difference in their activism. Their diligence in being a thorn in the shoe of dodgy corporations which have exploited people in poor countries with rubbish regulation-law has earned them a notorious reputation. Yet their unique method of activism is still working.


As we watch "The Yes Men" documentary film we follow the pair as they are working on their next activism piece for which the company they are campaigning against is likely to lose billions in stock value.


The Yes Men
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