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The Two Escobars
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A documentary about the two most famous Escobars from Columbia, Andrés and Pablo. While the two were not related and most certainly did not have the same profession their fates were intertwined as "The Two Escobars" shows.


Pablo Escobar needs no introduction for his is probably the most well-known drug lord ever. He made an almost unbelievable amount of money shipping cocaine into the west and was feared for his ruthlessness. Pablo used his massive wealth to fund the Columbian national football team to the point where they were in contention for winning the 1994 FIFA World Cup.


On June 22 1994, in a game against the United States Andrés Escobar accidentally scored an own-goal while defending. It knocked them out of the World Cup and was an embarrassment to Columbia football.


At 03:00 AM the day after the game, Andrés was approached by two men in a parking lot and shot 6 times. He was killed at just the age of 27.

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