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The Sun
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The power of the sun is tangible yet mystic, so much as we humans have longed to harness this beautiful giver of life. The Sun is really, really powerful, so powerful in-fact its almost scary to think about; consistently the sun produces the energy of a billion nuclear bombs every second. Since we are within the ”goldy locks zone” we are blessed with a beautiful and tranquil measure of the Suns’ photons that power the amazing array of life on Earth. Earth has the pleasure of sitting close enough to the bonfire to stay warm on a chilly, star-light night but not too close to get burnt. We really are in a unique position in the solar system, some would argue, one in a billion. The Sun is like a mother to us, something constant yet unappreciated, something we totally take for granted… How often do you really hope that the Sun will rise tomorrow?


The Sun will rise tomorrow and we know this thanks to Einstein and his revolutionary equation e = MC2. Indeed the Sun is has been a steady constant throughout the life of the Earth but actually it is rather unpredictable as explored in The Sun documentary.


Andrew Lincoln
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