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The Silver Pharaoh
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Out of all the historic monuments in Egypt the royal tomb of Psusennes “the silver Pharaoh” is one of the most spectacular, yes, even more, so that that of the famous King Tut. If this is the case then why hasn’t it receive much worldwide attention? “The Silver Pharaoh" documentary presented by William Boyde and published by PBS aims to show the remarkable tomb in details never seen before to help uncover how Pharaoh Psusennes and his tomb fitted into the equilibrium of ancient Egypt. 


When the tomb was first discovered by Pierre Montet and his team in 1940 it was filled with jewels and was a pretty nice surprise for the French explorers who discovered it by accident. The name “the silver Pharaoh” comes from the huge amount of silver in the tomb which had much superior craftsmanship than had been found in other dig sites. The silver pieces included sarcophagus which are used to transport body parts of the departed as they head into the afterlife which was a belief held by the Egyptians for thousands of years. The silver sarcophagus is the only to be ever found making the tomb of king Psusennes’ one of the most important sites for Egyptologists.

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