The Real T-Rex With Chris Packham - documentary

The Real T-Rex With Chris Packham
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Naturalist Chris Packham reveals new evidence about the most iconic dinosaur in the world, the tyrannosaurus rex which will change how we look at this creature forever. Since it was first discovered in 1905 the Tyrannosaurus (meaning the king in Latin) is still one of the largest carnivorous species ever found with a length of roughly 12 meters and weighing around 14 tonnes as a fully grown adult. Though an adult T-Rex has been found that only weighed 4 tonnes. 


Despite being a Hollywood legend T-Rex is still a largely unknown animal with much public information being a dramatisation for the movies rather than actual scientific fact. Thanks to new technologies, dinosaur enthusiast Chris Packham along with world leading experts is presenting fundamental findings for the first time to set the record straight. The documentary “The Real T-Rex With Chris Packham” exposes wonderful new found information about this astonishing animal from the construct of its brain using MRI scans, the pigment of its skin and how it behaved in the wild. Much of this work was done with unique access to “Tristan” one of the complete fossils of T-Rex in existence today.


This documentary is not just about looking at bones as Chris travels to the famous Fossil hot-spot, the Canadian Badlands where he meets expert Phill Currie who shares new information shedding a new light on the social life of T-Rex.

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