The Real Amityville Horror - documentary

The Real Amityville Horror
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The Amityville Horror is a cult classic film franchise that has scared the living daylights out of millions of people.


Did you know know that the movies and books were actually based on real-life events? Yes this documentary with narration by Canadian actress Zoë Wanamaker is about the real Amityville horror, which took place back in 1974.


That year Ronald De Feo of Amityville, New York murdered his entire family including four siblings, his father and mother. The reason? He claimed it was to get revenge on his abusive step-father.


After the murders, a couple, George and Kathy Lutz moved into De Feo's old house. Not long after they experienced a lot of paranormal activity and believed that house was haunted.


Overall The Real Amityville Horror documentary is rather creepy.

Mystery, Crime

Zoë Wanamaker
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