The Making of Terminator 2 Judgment Day

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About the The Making of Terminator 2 Judgment Day documentary

Presenter Walter Noon Category ArtMovie Year 1991 Watch time 00:30:39

The making of Terminator 2 takes us behind the scenes of one of the greatest movies of all time. T2 was made back in 1990 and used cutting edge technology to continue the story from the original 1984 movie which is about a robot sent back in time to eliminate its opponent before he is even born. John Connor is now 10 years old and has sent a robot back from the future to protect him against the most fearsome liquid metal robot. This documentary shows us the film making techniques which used a mix of make-up and CGI to give a realistic look as well as how some of the actors became apart of the film. We also see some of the amazing stunts that were performed during the making of the film.



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