The Lost Pyramids of Caral - documentary

The Lost Pyramids of Caral
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An investigative documentary about the lost pyramids of Caral. The amazing city of Caral is located in the Supe Valley in the Barranca province of Peru and is the most ancient of all the cities in the Americas. The city was built between the periods of roughly 2600 BC and 2000 BC by the Norte Chico civilization and was home to around 3000 people; It is the largest and most well-documented site of these people to date.


The main object at Caral is the main temple complex which is 150 meters long and 28 meters high; the exact date of the building is known. The main temple is just one of 19 fascinating structures which cover the 60-hectare site. A fascinating documentary film which gives an insight into people who lived in a culture which is far different than modern day society.

Archaeology, History

John Shrapnel
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