The Look of Silence - documentary

The Look of Silence
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The Look of Silence, a documentary by British-American director Joshua Oppenheimer about the 1965 genocide in Indonesia.


The film is considered by many to be one of the most powerful documentaries ever made, capturing unique insights from the perpetrators of the mass-killing and the families of survivors. One family discovers for the first how their son was killed. More than just looking at personal stories The Look of Silence sends a message that there can be extreme consequences to living out our everyday lives based on terror on lies.


A quote from director Joshua Oppenheimer:

The result, The Look of Silence, is, I hope, a poem about a silence borne of terror – a poem about the necessity of breaking that silence, but also about the trauma that comes when silence is broken. Maybe the film is a monument to silence – a reminder that although we want to move on, look away and think of other things, nothing will make whole what has been broken.

To watch The Look of Silence with English subtitles click the cog on the bottom right of the player > subtitles > auto-translate > English. It is not ideal but it is the only way to watch it online legitimately for free.

History, Crime, Society

Joshua Oppenheimer
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