The Great Culling: Our Water - documentary

The Great Culling: Our Water
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The  best way to keep your teeth healthy is to drink large quantities of the chemical fluoride, thankfully governments in the west are already putting the stuff in tap water for us so we don't even have to think about it. We are reassured everyday that drinking fluoridated water will do us no harm despite the fact that each person takes an unknown quantity of the substance everyday.


This documentary investigates the history of water fluoridation in a logical way to explain why it has become such a common thing today. The film suggests that there are connections between fluoride and the neurological pandemic that we are witnessing which is especially bad in the west. There are also a number of candid interviews with the general public revealing that most people know very little or nothing about the water they drink. This raises a number of legal issues but nobody seems to do anything about it.

Is there a genuine conspiracy here?

Paul Wittenberger
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Hyungnam 2016-12-06 13:37:34


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