The Future of Food - documentary

The Future of Food
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The Future of Food documentary by American filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia investigates genetically modified foods which have been sold in the United States since the 1990's and how they have affected the food industry.


GM foods are usually sold in normal packaging, giving no illusion to the fact that they are not natural. Most of them are made from crops designed by the Monsanto Corporation, which as we have seen in other documentaries such as "The world according to Monsanto" (2008) is a company which often dabbles in nefarious activities. This film examines how technological advances in the food industry have affected the lives of those who work in it, predominantly farmers.


Some farmers have lost their land because inspectors from Monsanto have found their patented crops growing in their fields when they do not have a licence.


Yes if GM crop seeds blow onto your land and Monsanto catch wind of it they will come down on you like an anvil. With that said, this is just one aspect of many which "The Future of Food" explores in the pursuit of understanding the modernisation of agriculture.

Sara Maamouri
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