The French Revolution - documentary

The French Revolution
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In The French Revolution documentary, Doug Shultz explores this social and political rebellion which began on July 14th, 1789. 


On this date, the people of France stormed the Bastille in Paris and basically kicked out the French royal family. The motivation behind this movement was the struggling French economy and vast inequality in society; while the Royals were living a life of opulence the general public could only afford a weeks wage on a loaf of bread and as a result, people across the country were dying of starvation. The Royals were living in such wealth and self-righteousness that they either did not care about their people so long as they could keep on living out their life of extreme extravagance, or they just didn't notice because of their ignorance. Either way a big mistake.


It was a momentous event in the country and pathed the way for the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte. The revolution garnered the way for a more equal France but it was a bloody one with an estimated 40,000 having perished during this time as well as the royal family being executed by guillotine (a common place in the country which continued through to the 1960's).


The French revolution is celebrated every year on July 14th as independence day.


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