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The Final Year

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Presenter Greg Barker Category Trailer / Preview OnlyPoliticalHistory Year 2018 Watch time 00:02:44


Trailer for the new film about the final year in office for the Obama Administration from an “insiders” perspective titled The Final Year and presented by documentary filmmaker Greg Barker. With access to the White House and State Department filmmakers provide a new look at this period of US history.


Unfortunately, there is no way to watch The Final Year online currently.




nananono131 3 weeks ago

Wtf why waste ppls time?! If I wanted to watch the trailer I wouldn't have come here!!! You should be reported as a click bait site!!!



Jeffjames 1 week ago

This site only posts docs that are free... obviously this is not free or the site has been told it can't show it and on those grounds, you have the right to stfu.


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