The Divine Michelangelo - documentary

The Divine Michelangelo
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Michelangelo is regarded as one of the greatest artists to ever walk the face of the Earth for three works in particular; The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, The Dome of St. Peter's in Rome and the Statue of David.


The Divine Michelangelo docu-drama takes us back 500 years to the early life of the artist and how he eventually became a national icon of Rome. To tell this story experts have reproduced some of his work to see first hand how his designs were put together as well as understanding how much of we know about his personal life.


Did the great artist really come from a tortured and poverty-stricken background as has always been in popular belief? Or was this a carefully moulded persona by a spin-doctor? These are all topics explored in "The Divine Michelangelo" documentary film.

Art, Archaeology, History

Susannah York
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