The Brits Who Fought for Hitler - documentary

The Brits Who Fought for Hitler
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A 2002 British documentary about British prisoners of war who were recruited by the Nazi’s to fight in their own Infantry unit of the Waffen-SS and served alongside the Nazi’s on the eastern front, the unit was initially called the ‘Legion of St George’ and later renamed the ‘British Free Corps’ (Britisches Freikorps).


It is unknown exactly how many British men signed up to fight for the unit but research by the British historian Adrian Weale identified 54 men who belonged to the unit at one stage or another during the Second World War (Adrian Weale has also authored a book on the subject). The unit was itself betrayed when one of its own members, John Brown, acted as a double agent and fed information to MI5. In this documentary, for the first time, men from the British Free Corps talk on camera about their treachery.

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