The Brain with David Eagleman 6 Who will we be - documentary

The Brain with David Eagleman 6 Who will we be
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In the final episode of the Brain with David Eagleman, we cast our mind into the future of the brain and ultimately our species. We have discovered that the brain will wire itself accordingly to its enivornment so what does this mean for the future of mankind and the ever changing environment we find ourselves in. We look at an extraordinary example of the plasticity of the developing brain in which Cameron Mott had half of her brain removed in order to combat her severe epilepsy. 

Dr Eagleman also looks at some of the potential ways the human species could add to its sensory inputs by looking at the way the brain interprets and decodes signals. We look at a future groundbreaking technology in which artifical limbs can be controlled through the brain through nothing other than electric signals. Artificial intelligence is one of Sciences biggest industries and its cooperation with our brains could be a huge turning point within the field. We then tackle the much discussed topic of eternal life in which our thoughts and memories are downloaded to a computer to be ran on a simulation. Is this a step too far our species?

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David Eagleman
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