The Brain with David Eagleman 3 Who is in Control - documentary

The Brain with David Eagleman 3 Who is in Control
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In Episode 3 of the Brain with David Eagleman we look at the hidden world of the unconscious, and how big of an impact it has on everything we do and everything we are. We tend to think of the decisions we make as being conscious and fully within our control however almost every decision we make regardless of significance is carried out by the subconscious. To see this in its rawest form we look at a man who can only work by making conscious calculations for each tiny movement, something many people take for granted. 


In the second part of the episode professor Eagleman meets the world record holder for cup stacking and measures their neural activity during the task. Despite carrying out highly precise tasks, his brain activity is almost at reset due to the fact that when a skill sinks below the conscious line, we can then access it through the subconscious with much greater speed and efficiency. 



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David Eagleman
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smithy 2016-03-26 11:50:08

It’s really interesting that with improved monitoring of brain function, neuroscience seems to be confirming now that ’consciousness’ apparently isn’t what we’ve been accustomed to believe it is. And as you say, Dr. Eagleman brings it all within reach. I’m very much looking forward to future episodes.


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