The Best Democracy Money Can Buy - documentary

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
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Investigative journalist for Rolling Stone magazine, Greg Palstat presents “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” a documentary about vote rigging in the United States. Back in 2000 Palstat busted Jeb Bush for fraudulently winning the 2000 election by purging black voters from Florida’s electoral roles.


Now with one of the most historic US elections behind us, the issue of counting the correct number of votes is more prominent than ever which is where the idea for this documentary movie came to be. This story is told in a “film-noir” style along with animations and presents a comprehensive set of evidence to show that the super-rich has a plan to steal democracy in the US with duplicate votes and other methods.


The film also features special appearances from Ice T, Richard Belzer, Willie Helson and Rosario Dawson.

Political, Conspiracy

Greg Palast
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