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The Backbone of Night - documentary

Rated 92
by 3 people.

About The Documentary

In the 7th Epsiode of the iconic Cosmos series, Dr Sagan returns to the classroom in his childhood town of Brooklyn, New York to help inspire the latest generation of children. This leads onto some of the different mythologies surrounding stars and how their true form compares to that of myth and legend. We venture back to ancient Greece and look at some of the pioneering philosophers and how they tried to use their scientific knoweldge.

Science, Space

Carl Sagan
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archer rated

I first watched Cosmos when I was 12. My mom found the VHS tapes and we all watched it together... I remember that I liked it a lot, but looking back I don't think I truly appreciated it for the masterpiece that it was. I would say that a freshman in high school would be old enough to fully appreciate this series.

Reviewed on October 23, 2016


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