Tails You Win: The Science of Chance - documentary

Tails You Win: The Science of Chance
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A documentary about the science of chance presented by David Spiegelhalter. In this film we look into the world of chance which controls everything that we do, essentially we cannot predict precisely the future according our current knowledge however the mathematical principal of probability is certainly a step in the right direction. People often turn to religion when they have been offered a bad hand of chance which is often referred to as “keeping faith” and when the going is good it is luck. But is chance really a random thing and is there a way to make the odds in our favour every time?. The first major question is whether this phenomena is a part of the fabric which makes up the universe or is it only a human concept that has come about with no real substance. It may be the case that chance is an illusion that is created because the universe runs in a set pattern much like a train on a track with a start point and a destination. Or it could be because we are moving through a quantum universe… Chance may just be a measure of our lack of knowledge as the French 18th century scientist Pierre Laplace put it, 'merely a measure of our ignorance’.


In this documentary professor David Spiegelhalter tackles some questions which most of us have asked at one point or another. How can i beat all of the odds and live beyond the age of 100? It may rain should i bring my umbrella or not? Intriguing questions which are explored across the world from the gambling capital Las Vegas to San Francisco and Cambridge, England.


In the film Spiegelhalter discovers that 1 million random digits actually contain patterns and shapes which relates to how we perceive the chance from randomness. Ultimately the documentary tells us  how we have come to understand chance and how we can work out the odds for the future.

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