Sports Doping - Winning At Any Cost?

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About the Sports Doping - Winning At Any Cost? documentary

Presenter Dr Xand van Category Drugs Year 2016 Watch time 00:02:52

In the documentary film Sports Doping - Winning At Any Cost? we enter the world of scandal and corruption and risk taking as athletes work to achieve the goal of being the best. Being number one is something that every sports person wants to be since it is the acknowledgement of their dedication in the form of fame and fortune but its not just the athlete who wants to win. Sponsors with lucrative deals need to be supporting a winner which has brought athletes under great pressure to achieve, as a result sponsors sell their products to hundreds of thousands of people based on winning fame across the UK whether that be “buffing up” products or something else.


Doping is a huge gamble for people as explained by Dr Xand van & other medical medical professionals in the documentary. It is shown how much of a negative effect they can have on your body in the long run including shocking effects such as cognitive impairment and Kidney failure.


BBC Horizon investigates the new wave of legal doping which is by no means safer that its illegal predecessors. 



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