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SHADE the Motion Picture
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SHADE the Motion Picture is essentially a documentary which follows similar ideas presented by both Alex Jones and David Icke about the “new world order” and the shadow society of elites which pull the strings from behind the scenes.


These theories about the Bilderberg group, royal families and various other organisations have certainly gathered a lot of attention in the 20+ years, especially after radio host Alex Jones broke into the Bohemian Grove convention and exposed some of the unusual happenings there.  Though of course, the modern elites have been around for more than 100 years as the film “JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick” highlights, however, this doc focuses primarily on the formation of the Bilderbergs during the mid-1950’s and their conquest to control the minds of everyone on the planet since.


Whether or not you believe the ideas presented in the documentary “SHADE the Motion Picture” I think there are few people who could deny that there is a lot going on behind closed doors which the public is not aware of and probably should be.


A quote from the filmmakers:

The intention of this film is to provide the viewer with a wealth of factual information that he or she may not have been aware of, or have disregarded in the past as not having merit. Nothing in this world works the way you think it does. Governments do not operate the way you think they do, banks do not do what you think they do, the Police Department is not here for what you think it is - nothing in your world works the way you think it does. There's a far higher, bigger picture.



Shepard Ambellas
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A must see if you want some unfiltered information about how things work now!

Reviewed on September 11, 2018


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