Saving Otter 501 - documentary

Saving Otter 501
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A sea otter documentary which follows the story of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s 501st orphaned otter as Karl Mayer and his team attempt to save its life and teach it the skills needed to survive in the wild.


On a typical late summer day a baby sea otter washes up on the beach in Monterey, California — hungry, lost, injured. It’s a tragic event, but not surprising. California sea otters are struggling, for years marine biologist Karl Mayer has been working hard to save the dwindling Californian Sea Otter.


Otters are an unusual and cunning animal which are in fact the heaviest of all the weasel family for which they are members of, however they are one of the smallest marine mammals weighing on average between 14 and 45 kg. Unlike most other marine life they have a thick furry coat, the densest in all of the animal kingdom.


Sea Otter Facts:

  • One of the few mammals that uses a tool to hunt: It wedges a rock between its chest and the “armpit” of a foreleg in order to crack open shells
  • The only marine mammal that is able to over-turn boulder on the sea floor
  • Regularly eats between 25 and 40 percent of it own body weight in food everyday
  • There are around 300,000 Sea Otters in the world now
  • Otters often sleep together holding paws so they to not drift apart while sleeping
  • Natural habitat in the Northern and eastern Pacific ocean


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