Reggie Yates: Searching for Grenfell's Lost Lives - documentary

Reggie Yates: Searching for Grenfell's Lost Lives
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The Grenfell Tower fire was one of the worst disasters to happen on British soil in recent history. The lack of regulation and care for the lives of people who lived there set the stage for such a shocking and tragic event, for if people in positions of power had given a damn about whether the residents of Grenfell were living in a death trap or not, maybe the fire wouldn't have taken any lives.


In this 2018 documentary "Reggie Yates: Searching for Grenfell's Lost Lives" British actor Reggie Yates puts the human stories behind the infamous event into the picture. 71 people died and hundreds of people lost their homes and irreplaceable possessions on that day and you better believe that it is going to be a long struggle for any of them to get any form of real justice.


Maybe if corporations and governments cared more about people and not making a few extra “quid“ then the world would be a far better place.


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