Putin: The New Tsar - documentary

Putin: The New Tsar
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Putin: The New Tsar is a 2018 political documentary hosted by British filmmaker Patrick Forbes about one of the worlds most powerful and influential leaders; Vladimir Putin.


This biography starts decades ago when Putin was a low-level KGB officer, in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union he was left without a role. Through a number of chance events, he would rise through the ranks in the new Russian political sphere until becoming the right-hand-man of colonel Boris Yeltsin, and ultimately his successor.


The documentary features never before seen interviews with people who were in Putin's inner circle including Sergei Pugachev who played a key role in getting him into power.


With the Russian presidential elections just around the corner, it looks like Putin is going to win once again. While the vote comes down to the people of Russia some of Putin’s competitors for the top-spot have made claims of foul play.

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