Pearl Harbor - The New Evidence - documentary

Pearl Harbor - The New Evidence
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Pearl Harbor was possibly the biggest disasters for the United States during World War 2 and one of the most cunning military tactics ever conducted by the Japanse. This Channel 4 Pearl Harbour documentary brings new evidence into light regarding who was actually to blame for the incident which historically has been attributed to Admiral Husband Kimmel – Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet. His command left almost the entire US Pacific fleet vulnerable to attack, an opportunity which the Japanse Imperial navy seized in a surprise areal attack bringing the US into World War 2. But was he really the one who was at fault?


The film “Pearl Harbor - The New Evidence”, provides a dramatic overview of the attack step by step using rare archive footage and information from WW2 historians. It also dramatises the morning of December 7th, 1941 into a cinematic thriller showing action from both sides. 

Military & War

Steven Mackintosh
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