Panorama, Weinstein: The Inside Story - documentary

Panorama, Weinstein: The Inside Story
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Panorama, Weinstein: The Inside Story follows suit with the recent documentary we have watched on the Hollywood cocksman "Working with Weinstein" published by Channel 4 in February.


Like "Working with Weinstein" this documentary also tells the story of how he kept allegations of sexual assault, bullying and threats at bay.


To cut a long story short it basically came down to money and being in a position of power. Victims were paid "hush money" and the problems of his actions were basically swept-under-the-rug, allowing the Weinstein Company to keep promoting films.


The 90th Academy Awards was filled with actors and actresses who grandstanded on the issue because let's face it before all this came out most of them knew what was going on but didn't want to risk not being cast for the next big Hollywood feature-film, or losing out financially elsewhere.

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