Order and Disorder- Episode 2 - documentary

Order and Disorder- Episode 2
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Episode 2 in the two part documentary series Order and Disorder presented by Jim Al-Khalili. We are surrounded by both order and disorder. The universe is constantly falling into a disorderly state and this has been happening since the big bang when universally, molecules were in a much more orderly fashion than they are today, this is fitting with entropy as described in thermodynamics which is a measure of disorder. If you were to build a sand castle you'll know with almost certainty that it will eventually crumble away, this is the perfect example of something moving from a low entropy to a high one; the higher the entropy the greater the disorder. 


Humans have always been trying to move things from a disorderly state to an ordered one, especially in the last 300 years. To do this you need energy and another force which is what professor Jim Al-Khalili is exploring in this documentary. Buildings, bridges and dams are an example of how humans have created order using energy, but there is an invisible order nature has been using for millions of years which humans are only just getting to grips with: Information.


As we learn how to store and use information more effectively the greater our ability will be to manipulate and bring our world into a more orderly fashion. Nature is currently far more advanced at storing and sending information that us. Its easy to understand the power of information and how nature transfers it when you look at the complexity of the human brain for example.


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