Order and Disorder- Episode 1 - documentary

Order and Disorder- Episode 1
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Episode 1 in the two part documentary series Order and Disorder presented by Jim Al-Khalili. Energy is vital to us all, it powers our cars built the monumental cities that dominate the landscape and has provided us with homes which protect us. You only have to see the images from the international space station looking over Earth at night to see how well humans have mastered and manipulated energy. This documentary looks into how we came to harness this energy from the discovery of fire to the construction of nuclear power stations and beyond.


In exploring this intriguing area of understanding professor Jim Al-Khalili starts with a simple question: Just what is energy and why is it so useful to us? To do this he looks into how everything from power stations to the Sun are connected in a common law which explains many things about the fundamental nature of the Universe. This is an instinctive documentary into something that is vitally important to our coming to be on planet Earth and the continuation of our perpetual existence here. Of course the way in which we can use energy will hopefully become more advanced in the near future as historically this has been the case.


Jim Al-Khalili
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