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No End in Sight
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No End in Sight: A documentary about the Iraq War. In this film, we take a look at how the Bush Administration conducted the war from its invasion of the country which took place in 2003. The plan was to first overthrow the dictator Saddam Hussein on grounds which are covered in detail here. 


The main problem; Hence the title of the film, was what to do after Saddam was overthrown. Essentially there was no fundamental plan that would see a resolution to the countries problems which at the time became worse because now there was no order. The Bush Administration has been criticised many times for not stepping up to the plate and supplying the resources which were needed to bring an end to the war; No Iraqi government, the disbanding of the Iraqi armed forces and the list goes on.


Charles Ferguson directs the documentary narrated by Campbell Scott which has been nominated for 1 Oscar.

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