New Zealand: Earths Mythical Islands - Cast Adrift

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About the New Zealand: Earths Mythical Islands - Cast Adrift documentary

Presenter Sam Neill Category Environment Year 2016 Watch time 00:59:08

New Zealand:  Earths Mythical Islands Episode 1: Cast Adrift, the first episode in a three part documentary series narrated by Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) which looks into a fascinating world that has remained almost the same since the dinosaurs existed on Earth more than 300 million years ago. The wildlife in New Zealand has practically been left on its own and today you will find creatures that existed during the Jurassic period all over the Islands. Not only that, these lands are some of the most geologically active in the world. As we watch this film we see the amazing wildlife rarely seen by the human eye such as Forrest dwelling penguins and more common but equally amazing animals such as the Kiwi. “Cast Adrift” shows how nature can diversify when left isolated to its own accord making it like no other place on Earth.




hdfilmizle 1 year ago

looks hilarious, let's see how the whole part is gonna be


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