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Never Get Busted
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U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and police officer turned anti-drug-war advocate Barry Cooper made the documentary Never Get Busted Again to help you stay out of jail if you are ever caught with illegal narcotics.


It's almost unbelievable that a highly decorated police officer who has been in some big-time drug busts would make such a U-turn on his belief in the "war on drugs". But it is, and what's even more amazing is not only has Barry made a documentary on the subject in order to help people stay on the right side of the law, he has set up Never Get On this website, you can get tips on your rights and hire Barry "as your Expert Witness to win your drug case. No case is too big or too small."


Of all the drug documentaries that have found their way onto this website, there certainly hasn't been one quite like this. Frankly though I think it is to be expected as slowly but surely the world is taking a more pragmatic approach to drug addiction as opposed to criminalizing people, which in the long run does not achieve anything and in many cases actually exacerbates the problem.


Yes the Never Get Busted Again documentary is certainly an interesting step to taking the war out of drug addiction.

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