Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy - documentary

Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy
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NAZIs: The Occult Conspiracy explores the dark and mysterious beliefs of top ranking NAZI party members from Rudolph Hess to Himmler to the Fuhrer himself, Adolf hitler. In their minds the power of occult knowledge would bring back the arian race that the nordic people once were and allow them to win the war after creating a breed of “supermen”. The German people were conditioned to believing Hitlers demonic ideas, that they were part of a master race and the best humans on the planet. Everyone else was inferior which justified the many atrocities against humanity that happened during the war.


The inferior people located in the death camps were subjected to torture and experiments such as one which was performed on behalf on the Luftwaffe. To research hypothermia and help German pilots survive freezing conditions prisoners at concentration camps were subjected to freezing water for more than an hour. It is reported that victims were thrown into boiling water to “warm them back up”. As a believer in occult rituals Himmler was convinced that putting a hypothermic victim between two naked females would be more effective than hot water at improving survivability rates so at his request these bizarre experiments were also carried out.


This documentary features largely unseen footage and rare pictures from NAZI Germany which builds a picture of the occult ideas they so strongly believed in. 


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