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The Mystery of the Sphinx
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The Mystery of the Sphinx, a 1993 documentary narrated by Charlton Heston (Planet of the Apes 1968).


Is the Great Sphinx of Giza really as old as Egyptologists say it is? Traditionally it is thought that it is no more than 4000 years old however there are a growing number of scientists who are saying it is much older, perhaps more than 10,000 years old. In this documentary, we hear a number of different viewpoints from geologists such as Dr Robert Schoch and John Anthony who support their claims with observational evidence.


One of the leading arguments is made by geologist Robert Schoch who says that the undulating weathering patterns on the Great Sphinx of Giza are not consistent with weathering found in deserts but are in fact water induced weathering. Around 10,500 years ago the landscape surrounding the Sphinx was much different and was dominated by monsoons and lush vegetation. 


Is the Sphinx much older than we think?

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Having watched the Mystery of the Sphinx, I must say I agree that for the most part, there is a high likelihood that the Sphinx could have been created long before we believe it to have been. The points raised by Dr. Robert Schoch are definitely very interesting and having seen his thoughts on other various monuments around the globe, it is unusual to see him take a viewpoint that actually backs up the statements of the archaeologists and other theorists, let alone actually fully support the theory from his own independent research. In most other theories, he is very skeptical about how realistic the ideas are and I think this strongly backs the case as presented. All in all, this is a very interesting documentary that, although may be a little far fetched towards the end, raises some very interesting points and I found myself glued to the screen for some time. I would highly recommend watching the Revelations of the Pyramids either before or after watching this as I feel this really helps to elaborate on the point and give alternative reasoning to the points that have been made here, as this shows that we don't actually know what the purpose of the Sphinx actually is for certain, nor do we have any real idea who built it. This is definitely one of the most astounding monuments that still exists on the face of our planet and I am very interested to see what future evidence reveals about the history of humanity itself. Overall I'd say that this is a very well thought out documentary, which tries to get across a point that really could use some extra thought and research by highly intellectual minds that are currently quite against the theory that humans could've been a civilized people for longer than we "know".

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Even if none of this is true shoch definitely puts forward a solid argument.


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