Monopoly Men: Federal Reserve Fraud - documentary

Monopoly Men: Federal Reserve Fraud
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Monopoly Men: Federal Reserve Fraud is a 1998 documentary film about the United States Federal Reserve, directed by Daniel Hopsicker and narrated by Dean Stockwell.


Commonly abbreviated as "Fed", The Federal Reserve is a governmental organisation which was set-up by the 28th President Woodrow Wilson and signed into law as the Federal Reserve Act in December 1913. The purpose of the Fed is to protect the US economy should there be a time of great financial turmoil.


The idealism of the Fed in protecting the US economy by definition is not how many people see the organisation working, as the actual duties it carries out are often highly secretive and many times in the past it has suffered cases of the "Mandela Effect", as we see in the documentary Monopoly Men.


The documentary lends its name to the board game Monopoly which is based on fake money. The Federal Reserve has the power to print money from nothing and then charge interest to whomever it is loaned to which is just one of the reasons why many people have been suspicious about its activities.

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