Martin Luther King by Trevor McDonald - documentary

Martin Luther King by Trevor McDonald
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It has now been 50 years since the assassination of legendary American civil rights activist and leader Martin Luther King, to mark this occasion British journalist and news broadcaster Trevor McDonald examines King's legacy.


Like millions of others, King is a figure that Trevor respects and admires. To make his documentary "Martin Luther King by Trevor McDonald" something special he travels the Deep South of the United States to meet people who have stories about segregation and racism which have not been told before. One controversial interview is with an ex-Ku-Klux-Clan member who talks about the horrors that many black folks endured in the 20th century; a foundation of Martin Luther King's work which goes without saying.


He also asks some of black role models, including General Colin Powell, Naomi Campbell and the Rev Al Sharpton, what Martin Luther King means to them.

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