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Love and Hate Crime - documentary

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About The Documentary


A three-part 2018 BBC series exploring hate crime in the United States. 


The first episode of “Love and Hate Crime”  documentary attempts to go inside the mind of murderer Adrian Loya who planned to kill Lisa and Anna Trubnikova for months before finally breaking into their apartment and opening fire. The police found a video camera on him which chronicled his motives for the crime while planning the attack.


The second episode of Love and Hate Crime investigates the murder of James Anderson who was ran-over by a gang of white youths in a truck. Sarah Gram was in the vehicle at the time and film follows her family as they try to come to terms of what has happened and why their daughter was a part of a gang which carried out a racist attack.


It must be said that if you watch Love and Hate Crime you will see a lot of hateful content and themes which go right to the core of American society.

Love and Hate Crime Episodes:

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