Jupiter: The Giant Planet - documentary

Jupiter: The Giant Planet
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Jupiter documentary. In this film, we travel more than 700,000 km out to the gas giant planet Jupiter on a voyage to discover the properties of it and its orbiting moons. Jupiter is by far the largest object orbiting the sun and contains around 70% of the mass of the solar system (excluding the sun which contains 99% of the mass). First discovered in around the 7th century BC the fourth brightest object in the night sky has been observed for thousands of years however it was only in relatively recent times was it found to have 67 moons the most scientifically significant being Io, Europa, Ganymede & Callisto. Some of these moons may have liquid water underneath their surfaces meaning they may harbour life, however a daring mission to land and drill deep beneath the surface of one of the moons has not been attempted by NASA or any other space agency.


There are many facts about this truly massive planet with an equatorial diameter of 142,983 km discussed within this film. Its a place of great scientific interest, especially in the quest of finding life, however its likely that if any life-form is found it will be basic bacteria. The truth is we really don’t know what life resides on the moons of Jupiter and we are only going to be able to find out with the help of robots since the magnetosphere is so strong a human would pretty much be instantly killed before getting close in fact, it is 10 times stronger than that of Earths and if you could see it from Earth it would appear to be the size of the moon.

This Jupiter documentary shows just how mighty the protector of Earth is.


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