Is there a creator?

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Presenter Mogan Freeman Category MysteryScienceSociety Year 2010 Watch time 00:44:32

This is probably the most thought provoking question for people of the modern age and throughout the history of humanity. Science has allowed us to prove the how and the what but the why remains a complete mystery. Was the entire universe created by a god who is looking down on everything we do as described in the bible, or is the universe simply a small part of a much bigger mathematical superstructure or both?

These are questions that we are still a long way from answering for sure but what we can do is speculated base on our current knowledge. We know that for the universe to work in the way that it does, for galaxies and solar systems to form is the result of 17 finally tuned ingredients (6 quarks, 6  leptons, 4 gauge bosons and the Higg boson) which if were slightly off balance say by 1% the universe would have collapsed in on itself.




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