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Ice Station Antarctica
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BBC Horizon's Ice Station Antarctica documentary. The continent of Antartica has to be the last great wilderness of Earth that humans have yet to fully explore. This baron landscape is one of the coldest, most inhospitable places in the world due to it being right at the bottom of the southern hemisphere, not only that for three months during the year between May 12th & July 31st (source) the sun never rises and temperatures drop to insane figures. Surprisingly it’s a place some people call home; The crew of British Antarctic Survay’s Halley Research Station. 


This cutting edge modern research station takes 12 days and 3000 miles of travel to arrive at. As this documentary shows there is revolutionary scientific research being done here from vital discoveries about how our lives are vulnerable to the sun's activities, to studying interplanetary travel and the threat of man-made climate change. The labs are a home away from home but make no mistake the surrounding environment poses a massive threat since it is built upon a floating ice sheet that could crack at any moment sending it a drift in the Southern Ocean. 

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